Mask Statement

    In high school I took a mask-making workshop from puppet and mask artist Chris Lutter. It was a useful skill that followed me to college and was best utilized in my theatre involvement there.

    I can create custom masks for Theatre productions, Halloween costumes, Mardi Gras/Carnival, Masked Balls, or as a wall decoration. My favorite time in mask history is Commedia dell’ Arte. Traditionally these masks were made from leather that was fashioned over a wooden form. This mask was made to fit each actor like a glove and since it was not easy or convenient to construct new ones on a regular basis, the actor only played one character the entire time they acted with the troupe.

    With this history in mind, I make my masks to fit the wearer specifically. I make a plaster cast of the face, from which I create a plaster positive. I sculpt the mask details on top of this plaster positive and then papier-mache on top of that, thus creating a mask that has a custom fit. Then I paint it up, adorn it as necessary, and add on an elastic band or handle.

    Linked above are two plays that I have masked since college.